Who Will be the South Africa Special Forces?

The South Africa Special Forces are known as the Recces and tend to be the primary special forces branch of the defense force for South Africa.

The History of theirs

The South African Special Forces Brigade, as they are also known, were designed on 1st October1972 as a reconnaissance commando team. They now consist of a number of regiments and are headquartered in Seskop, Pretoria Gauteng. They have been restructured several times through the years and these days contain many brigade sized forces.

How to be able to Be a Member Of The Recces

All users of the Recces must be troops as well as South African Citizens to apply for this special forces unit which is considered to be just about the most tricky in the world. There is pre-selection instruction, along with other program for those who produce this kind of first cut. Applicants have to be a part of the military and also should meet extremely stringent requirements to be able to be considered for pre-selection training.

Recces Training

Pre-selection education consists of psychological and physical assessments and oral examinations. There are strenuous bodily tests of energy that has to be performed. These include a 3 km run in total gear to be finished in 13 minutes; sixty seven sit ups to be carried out in two minutes, rope climbing, wall scaling and forty non stop push ups. Additionally, each cadet has performing 120 shuttle kicks, climb a structure which is ten ft high along with complete a 15 kms march within two hours.

They must demonstrate maturity and physical qualifications before they can continue to the parachuting course and then for the orientation course.

The psychological tests include oral interviews with Special Forces NCOs besides written tests. Even a hint of mental instability is able to cause instant exclusion from the army training.

After they’ve finished the Orientation course, most soldiers need to next go through intense land, airborne training and sea.

Land training comes with tracking and , demolitions and reconnaissance and survival sniping,

Sea training contains swimming, navigation, diving, underwater demolitions and beach reconnaissance.

Advanced airborne training includes rappelling and cost-free falling.

Exactly what are They Best At?

They’re best at reconnaissance, counter terrorism, underwater demolition and sabotage.

Weapons Of The Recces

A detailed range of military weapons are utilized by this specific forces brigade similar to those employed by the SAS and Navy Seals.

Acknowledged Missions

The South African Recces have been active in Angola in addition to Namibia during the 70s and the 80s, during which time their primary adversary was the South West Africa’s People Organization (SWAPO). The SWAPO was made up of a group of guerrillas fighting for an unbiased Namibia.

“Operation Mebos”, performed in 1982 was one of the most popular operations. During ADF preparation training , the Recces stormed and destroyed the SWAPO headquarters, which had been based deep into Angola. Later, in 1984, they carried out “Operation Askari”. In this particular operation, they severed all supply lines to and from SWAPO.


There are many items comprising of the 1 Reconnaissance Commando, the 4 Reconnaissance Commando, the 5 Reconnaissance Commando plus the 7th Medical Battalion.

Are They Professional Soldiers?

The members of this particular forces elite group are professional soldiers, majority of whom be with the special forces until retirement.

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