Toxic Crusaders – Cartoon & Toy Line Inspired by Troma’s Toxic Avenger

If you are accustomed to the world famous Troma Studios then you may be aware of the Toxic Avenger series of theirs of B films that will arrived in the middle of the 1980’s. Like Troma’s other notable films such as Class of Nuke’ Em High along with Chopper Chicks in Zombietown, the Toxic Avenger series offered up lots of gore, racy scenes and crude humor. You could be wondering just how in the world this may be designed into a children’s cartoon series and rightly so!

In 1991, children cartoon shows began to shift and new strategies bubbled approximately the surface area of the entertainment industry. Shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Captain Planet brought a new objectives to youngsters: the significance of protecting the planet of ours. With a little bit of tweaking, Troma got their infamous anti-industrial hero shaped into Toxie, a hideously mutated but lovable character which served as the star of Toxic Crusaders.

Obviously, fighting with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles proved to be nearly impossible and after a five run trial, FOX decided to never run the complete sequence even if thirteen 30 minute episodes had actually been created. Despite this quite gargantuan setback, the creepily cute Toxie made a valiant stand in stores everywhere in the form of toys, a mountain and collectible cards of other products or services that cartoon characters generally appear to get.

Toxie did not go up against evil polluters on his own, nevertheless. At his side were a cast of imaginative weirdos such as: Yvonne, Toxie’s nearsighted blonde girlfriend; Blobbie, a furry pink pet; Mop, Toxie’s independently thinking instument of cleaning; Junkyard, a human-dog hybrid of a hobo that hid from lightning in a dog kennel and then be merged with the dog once lightning struck; Major Disaster, a soldier which fell right into a radioactive swamp exactly where he garnered the ability to deal with plants; and also NoZone, a pilot which flew through a hole in the ozone layer to crash into a silo of nuclear peppers that provided him a legendary sneeze!

Naturally, watch anime show could be complete without villains who are as strong as the heroes themselves. Toxic Crusaders didn’t skimp when it came to guys that are bad. Not many returned for much more than a single episode, but some of those were: Czar Zosta and Doctor Killemoff, 2 cockroach beings with 4 arms from a planet called Smogula; Bonehead, a street punk who bullied Melvin Junko, the man who’d go on to be Toxie; and Mayor Grody, the corrupt leader of Toxie’s hometown of Tromaville. Naturally, like other cartoons of the era the series had its own disposable goons, the Radiation Rangers who emerged in droves and nearly never hit the intended target of theirs.

As rich of a series as any on television at that moment, Toxic Crusaders proved to be fertile grounds for merchandising. In most circumstances, the same businesses who held the rights to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise likewise held it for Toxic Crusaders. As an outcome, we watched an eight issue comic book from Marvel, trading cards from Topps, a card game, board game, Halloween costumes, Colorforms and of course, video games for the very first Nintendo Entertainment System, The Game and sega Genesis Boy. Playmates sometimes provided a type of action figures boasting “radical” designs in bright neon colors on characters that retained the creepy appeal of the cartoon show. These figures typically came with glow in the dark accessories and you could even obtain canisters of “Toxie’s Toxic Waste”, a goopy substance suspiciously like the Turtle’s “Retromutagen Ooze.”

Sometimes these days, Toxic Crusaders still captivate fans and in April of 2008, Troma released a DVD of all 13 episodes so in case the show was missed by you yourself there is still any chances to check it out!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this excursion to the 90’s as well as you learned a bit about a fantastic cartoon show which usually tried really hard to bring kids a good e-mail packed with crazy fun. Though Toxic Crusaders maybe don’t have toppled the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle empire, they definitely provided an extraordinary take on “environmentally conscious” kids’ cartoons.

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