The best way to Transfer The SBI Savings Account of yours From One Branch to Another Online

If you have a savings account with the State Bank of India (SBI) and also would like to transport it to an additional branch, you can do so online within a week and that too without any charges involved. You do not even have to go to your bank branch to complete formalities as through internet you can do all the formalities from anywhere in India.

When you would like to transfer your SBI savings account to another department, below we’ve enumerated the process on easy methods to practice it on-line. But before that let’s understand some prerequisites which usually should be fulfilled to successfully transfer your account to a different branch.

Things to know before you focus on the transfer process

Below is the list of stuff that you should know before you go on to transport your SBI savings account online:

The option to transfer your SBI bank account online is available just for savings accounts.
The SBI accounts that’re inoperative or perhaps KYC (know-your-customer) deficient do not are eligble for this facility.
Another essential precondition to start off with the SBI savings account transfer online procedure is that the account holder’s mobile number have to be registered with the bank.
The account holder also needs to have the access to SBI Net Banking facility.
Prior to starting the account transfer process online, be all set with the branch code to which you intend to transfer the SBI savings account to.
You can even call SBI customer care to obtain the information.

Process to Transfer SBI Savings Account to a different Branch Online

Go to

Select’ Personal Banking’.
Login to Mark Gottlieb with your password and username.
On the best panel, select’ e-services’ tab.
Select’ Transfer of savings account’.

At this point you’ll be directed to another webpage, that is going to display your account specifics such as for example account number and bank branch name. It will display your SBI savings accounts (in case you’ve a lot more than one).

Select the savings account that you wish to transfer to an additional department.
Enter the part code in which you prefer to transfer the bank account of yours.
Verify the account transfer details working with both present and new branch codes.
Just click on the’ Confirm’ button.
An OTP is developed and sent to your registered mobile number.
Enter the OTP received on your mobile number Check out the’ Confirm’ button.

The task completes with a message’ Your branch transfer request continues to be properly registered’.


if you’ve one simple account or perhaps in case you would like to transport all your accounts from just one branch to another, the CIF (Customer Information File) needs to be usually transferred to the brand new part. Your CIF contains details of all the bank accounts of yours.

After the process, the bank account number of yours and also CIF will stay similar although your bank’s IFSC code changes as it is branch specific. Just before the account transfer, if you’ve given your bank’s the IFSC code to many other financial institutions for instance mutual funds or the Income Tax Department next you will have to update them of the new code once it has been changed. It is essential to inform the concerned financial institutions about the branch code change in order to revise their existing ecs and Other standing instructions.

Transfer of any SBI savings account from just one branch to another could use a week’s time. After the transfer has completed, you are going to be competent to find out the new department name after entering in your Net Banking account.

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