Summing Up Social Network in 2016

This is what our social networks pages looked like in 2016.

Facebook & YouTube News Feed

Some really arbitrary difficulty taking control of the internet.

The thigh gap, the belfie, the salt and also ice difficulty, the corn on the cob. All these weird obstacles just made us realize exactly how conveniently quirkiness spreads over the internet and also exactly how one can locate common ground with others over these difficulties.

Please like in 5 seconds, or something negative will happen to you in the next 15 days kind of article.

We’ve all seen relationships break, wars being combated, pets get mistreated and kid’s fall short exams – all because at some point of time, we avoided suching as “that” post.

Individuals risking their lives to record Pokemon.

Increased truth is the future … We saw mature grownups with twisted ankles, getting struck by a car or dropping in ditches. Way to Adult … Really.

One scroll on Facebook, 4 married buddies.

Yeah, this’s however not a fad but reality. The married good friends only double yearly, even triple maybe. As well as the only thing you can look forward to in 2017 is the last period of Game of Thrones.

Instagram News Feeds

Young and mature women contouring their faces with blades, cello tape and also heels.

As if making use of multiple brushes had not been complicated enough, worldwide make-up musicians presented these awesome methods to carve faces and also best selfies!

Several of your close friends gaining 4k followers overnight.

In school you barely had 2 buddies and also one of them was a publication. On social media you have a village following you.

One scroll, the Kardashians, Jenners Black Chyna & Tokyo Toni.

Because- We love images of transformation -fat burning & gender loss, large butts, naked selfies, wigs as well as lavish lifestyles.

12 years of age in satin red lips, high heels and low slung tops.

This lady I know, she’s like my very own little sibling- virtually indistinguishable on the 3rd flooring of her heels. Hmm, the lip color is actually pretty good and also the hair looks perfect. Kids today certainly have a better style sense than you ever had. So what! She’s still also young for that.

Yeah, this one’s however not a trend yet truth. The married friends only dual each year, also triple possibly. In school you hardly had 2 pals as well as one of them was a publication. On social media you have a town following you.

Hmm, the lip color is actually pretty great and also the hair looks just.
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