Making Your Mobile Phone Even more Eco-Friendly

We do not think of our mobile phones as being particularly detrimental to the earth. The problem is, although, that we have a tendency to hold onto our mobiles for merely a very short time frame. Several studies suggest that cellular phone owners upgrade to better models a year. That means we’re throwing away an awful lot of mobile mobile phones. And which, of course, is incredibly damaging to the earth.

Luckily, there are methods we are able to all take to reduce the negative influence which unwanted mobile phones have on planet earth. And everything begins with recycling all these unwanted mobile cellular phones.

Telephone System of the problem

The numbers are dismal: Of the 140 million mobile phones disposed of in 2007, a total of 126 million ended up being just tossed in the trash.

Our landfills are becoming increasingly crowded with discarded mobile cellular phones. And these phones often contain hazardous chemical compounds such as mercury, cadmium and lithium. These chemicals can leak into the soil, and in the end end up in nearby streams, rivers or perhaps creeks.

In the UK, just fourteen million mobile phones that were discarded have been recycled. That is an especially depressing figure; it simply represents ten percent of the mobiles which consumers threw out.

Making a difference

You can make a difference, though. You are able to take steps yourself to at a minimum keep your cellular phone from a landfill.

The most obvious step is usually to use the current cell phone of yours for a longer time period. The newest mobiles available may seem enticing with their new features and applications. But exactly how many of these brand new features will you truly need?

If even more folks will make use of the mobile phones of theirs for three years or even longer, the number of these phones thrown out annually will drop dramatically.

If you do need to get a new cell phone, you are able to continue to do great by the environment. Lots of charitable and non-profit organizations have set up their own cell phone recycling programs to obtain used mobiles. They then ship them to individuals who cannot afford to obtain their own personal mobiles.

Search out these charities and also donate your old cellular phone to them. You will be carrying out a good deed for both the earth and for someone less fortunate.

Recycle your mobile phone

The big mobile phone makers recognize the trouble of discarded mobiles, too. That’s exactly why quite a lot of them have set up their very own take-back programs.

As the title suggests, manufacturers will take back old versions of the mobile mobile phones when customers go as many as newer models. These manufacturers might recycle the mobile phones which are turned into them.

A lot of municipalities, too, run mobile phone pickup days. During these days, they will pick up the old mobile mobile phones – and generally various other discarded consumer electronic products – as well as keep them from winding up in landfills. They will also donate the old cell phones to charitable organizations or send them on to be reused.

Make additional money by recycling your mobile

Last but not least, you send your unwanted cellular phone to any of a number of private corporations that focus on recycling the devices.

Even better, these businesses will pay out money for the old mobile phones of yours.

Just browse the Internet for businesses that recycle mobile phones. When you locate one you like, notice your phone’s logo. Press on it, as well as the company will make you an offer. If you like the cost it can provide you, recognize the offer and hang on for the company to give you a padded envelope.

After this you drop your telephone inside the envelope and mail it back again to the business. Usually within 7 business days, you’ll receive your agreed-upon payment.

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